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The OMNI Heavy Duty rubber grade crossing system is the most durable full-depth rubber crossing available. Made of 100 percent virgin rubber, the Heavy Duty system is designed to withstand repeated punishment of high-speed, heavy traffic loadings. This product's durability, long life and low maintenance requirements make it ideal for most applications. Heavy Duty panels can be reused when a crossing is reconfingured or closed. Heavy Duty panels can be used with most rail fasteners.

Full-Depth Heavy Duty Cross-section

Full-Depth Heavy Duty Specifications

Panel Length:
  • 3 Feet

    Panel Height:
  • Accommodates 90# to 141# Rail Weight

    Gauge Panel Width:
  • 58 1/2 inches

    Field Panel Widths:
  • 31 inches (10-foot tie)
  • 25 inches ( 9-foot tie)
  • 22 inches ( 8-foot 6-inch tie)

  • Rubber:
  • Type: Virgin SBR
  • Tensile: 2,000 p.s.i.
  • Hardness: 65 ± 5 Durometer Shore A
  • Elongation: 400%

  • Timber Screws, 3/4" x 7 1/2" (galvanized)
  • Medium Carbon Steel
  • Tensile Strength 120,000 psi Min.
  • Pullout Resistance +13,000 lbs

  • Installation Instructions Typical Setup

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